Sunday, November 1, 2009

A Beginning

Here I am.  I think I must have gone mad to start a blog, but I would love to explore things that are dear to me with all of you.

A few things...we live a pretty medically intense life.  Our youngest has a trach and g-tube....but don't let that fool you, she is a spunky dynamo that just got the family's first emergency set of stitches to her pretty head.  My children have something called Stickler's Syndrome, and the last two have a related syndrome called Pierre Robin Sequence.  I think we are up to around 25 surgeries between all the kids.

I am happily married to my best friend, my go-to guy....unless there's blood...and then I am on my own, but God fortunately led me to the field of nursing and a pretty high tolerance for blood and gore. I am not currently using my nursing degree outside of the home, but it sure comes in handy with our family. 

What I would really like to explore are a few specific things....1)-having medically fragile children  2)expressing our creativity through various my current favorites--knitting and sewing-- as a beautiful outlet of all things life brings and 3)- Our Catholic Faith.....and how every breath and action is based on this treasure, ultimately "becoming who we are" (Pope John Paull II) 

Wow, you have it all here...Faith..Knitting..Sewing...and I even got a bit of medical drama in as well.

It should be a fun ride...buckle your seatbelts!!


  1. Yay Diana!! Look forward to reading.


  2. Hi, Diana! It's nice to see you in the blogosphere! :-)

  3. Welcome to blogosphere Diana:)

  4. I'm loving seeing you here....after my busy few days I'm only just getting a chance to pop by.'s refreshing being here as it always is with you!

    YAY!!!! Welcome to the blogging world, my friend! Can't wait to read more!