Monday, January 2, 2012

Lots of Fun!!

 Merry Christmas, Everyone!!

We have been having so much fun around here that I have neglected my tiny spot of the bloggosphere.  We made it through November and December without medical dramas....did you read that slowly? We have had an amazing time here of normalness....I just coined that word.  It is funny, though, that in the midst of normalness I am so busy, but it is a good kind of busy, NORMAL busy.  Normalcy.....I think that is what I actually meant.

 My firstborn has been accepted to the four colleges he applied to this Fall, and was invited to participate in each of their honors program.  WOW!  That has been so exciting for our family. We are still waiting on a few essay contests to see if he possibly gets a full tuition scholarship to a few of these colleges. What an exciting time!!  All Glory to God!!

Lily is doing really well...she has had two colds this winter, one in November and a sore throat that didn’t do too much this past week.  Another WOW! She is doing so well that I, gulp, have cancelled her pulmonary specialist appointment next week.  This kind doctor told me last summer that now Lily’s trach is out, she is doing so well asthma wise, that she doesn’t really need a pulmonologist.  Waaaa?  I have lived and breathed the last 17 years with a pulmonologist at my side....and she just dumped me. Isn’t that great?? Dr. Lung made an appointment for January just to make sure Lily had an check up with her if she needed it, but told me to cancel it if Lily made it through the Fall and first part of the Winter without a lot of asthma drama.   Breathing.....fine....Appointment....cancelled.  

Yesterday, on the Feast of the Mother of God....New Year’s Day......I had a magnificent day.  I made a few great meals, and then read a book, knit, and art journaled.  It was so relaxing.  It helped that we have a guest from out of town who keeps the kids busy.  What a different day for me....need to schedule a few more just like it.

AND....Jim and I celebrated TWENTY years of marriage last week.  What an amazing ride, Love. We don’t look too bad after only sleeping half of what most people sleep in twenty years!!  Many trials, many blessings, much love.

I have finished a sweet sweater for Lily...loved this one!

This is who Lily left her baby with when we left one day. I found her baby propped up looking at the Divine Mercy Image. Precious.

And finally, a very impromptu picture today.  We had a friend who was visiting and wanted a picture of us....since I am bit adverse to taking the whole crew for portraits. You might note that Lily has red markers on her face...she felt that was much more fun to mark her own face than the paper.  

Happy New Year, Friends!!!