Sunday, July 4, 2010

Crafting Like Crazy

Since I do have “crafting” in my blog title, I thought had better update everyone on my latest pretties.  Some of these things I have made over a month or more....I get rather manic in my creative spurts when under a lot of pressure.  Other than my increased chocolate consumption during heightened periods of sleep deprivation and stress, I do get rather crazed with creating.

First, an will notice a few things being staged on my yellow bed.....just ignore the mismatched pillows, the fact that the bed was not even really made, it was sort of a fake you out kind of bedmaking, where pulling the comforter over the rumpled sheets counts, doesn’t it?

Starting with my first pretty.....she is an apron, made for a young bride to be.  I was unable to attend the shower, since it coincided with Lily’s worst few post op weeks.....but the apron was the hit of the bridal shower, from what I hear...

This is a reversible halter top kind of apron, I think the love birds are adorable.....and here is the other side.

Oh dear, did I post this without finishing the neck strap???  Goodness. Pardon my crafting picture faux pas!  The waist straps where extra thick and long to wrap around to the front and tie in a bow....cute!!

Next pretty--a purse made from repurposed denim. In other words, I made this with the pant leg of G’s jeans that had been well loved.

  So, what do you think of this?  I was thinking of selling them on Etsy.....can’t decide....was going to make some Christmas themed ones as well.....that fabric square is a chocolate theme!!

I did some decorative stitching with my rock star sewing machine, I love using decorative stitches!  The strap for the purse is a the waistline cut out of another repurposed jean shorts.....very easy and sturdy!!

I am all about doilies....I LOVE them!!  I put one on the back and really like how that turned out.

Next, the third pretty isn’t sure if she likes being a purse after serving so well as a jean pant leg for Pete’s sake!

I decided to do some patchwork, leaving the raw edges to fray a bit.  I have decided  I like putting together fabric collages!

Speaking of fabric collages, I got kind of caught up in the moment and started patchworking with a purpose.  By the end of this little ditty, I couldn’t quite conjure up that purpose..anymore.  My ever brilliant 15 year old thought this might make a good oven mitt!  Hummm, if only I had lined it with that fire proof batting!!!

No shoulder strap on this one yet, we’ll see.....

So what do you all think?  Stay tuned, I have something very interesting I am working on to share soon. It involves things like my favorite saint, fabric, maybe even some buttons and rick still my heart!

Hey, go light some sparklers for the 4th of July, but PLEASE, don’t poke your eye out and have that bucket of water waiting, ya’ hear??

Happy Independence Day Crafting!!

Friday, July 2, 2010

Look at this beautiful fabric and blog

I LOVE this fabric!!  Check it out, Tasha is giving away some of her beautiful fabric.  Hurry, you only have until tonight!!  Tasha has my new favorite color scheme.....aqua and it!! Also, she has four big boys like me....and a sweet little princess like me as well!! 

Go Craft Today!!!