Monday, December 28, 2009

Happy Anniversary!!

Well, eighteen years ago, I was frantically getting ready at my apartment.....eating the only thing in my pantry, a can of sweet potatoes, ( brides to be, don’t eat a half can of barely warm sweet potatoes the morning of your wedding, unless you put more butter and brown sugar on then I did) and feeling quite overwhelmed but very excited about this whole marriage thing.

Fast forward through eighteen years...

We are...

the parents of seven.....two who see the Beatific Vision before us.
crazy busy with a very medically intense family
willing to compromise, and compromise some more
very much in love...and very appreciative for the Grace through the Sacrament of Marriage...Baby, we have needed it!!!!

Deo Gratias for you, JPII exalted us,  “Families, become who you are!”
Indeed.....we are doing just that.

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

What a Few Weeks!

So, you know we were sent home for the last attempt at surgery.  Our third attempt last Friday was successful!  Lily did great, and better still, there was a whole group of anesthesiologists in the room that figured out just the right way to get Lily to sleep so she wouldn’t bronchospasm the whole time.  It was miraculous, we even went home that day!!!

Now for the fun stuff....arm restraints unless we are sitting right next to her, ready to grab her hand away from her mouth (and yes, she does start to stick her fingers in!!)  I am so thankful she made it through her surgery, and her palate seems to have closed well, but the post op after a cleft repair is pretty tough.  We have two and half weeks left with “no-no’s” on,  (what the clinic lovingly dubs the arm restraints), and I can tell you, after having been through three cleft repairs so far....two with her big brother and one a year ago with Lily....this is the toughest.  Lily is NOT happy with no-no’s.  She is very, very grumpy.  She also won’t swallow.  I think it hurts and feels weird, so she won’t do it....nope, no way!!!  In the midst of this, my dryer quit working.  We spent a while at Home Depot getting a new dryer.....and walking around after Lily, cleaning up her spit off of the bright, shiny concrete floor.  OH, Good Grief!!!!  I was so embarrassed, I explained to the lady helping us what was going on, and she smiled and gave us a roll of paper towels.  I am sure we were the talk in the break room!!  “There was this lady with five kids, her little girl just had surgery and was spitting on the floor everywhere, and her older sons just non-chalantly wiped up after this little girl, and one of these teens knew more than I did about all of the dryers...and she homeschools!!!”  The Home Depot appliance sales lady commented on how “You are so patient with all of this!!”  No, I am in the zone, hovering between consciousnesses.....I’ve gotten good at self hypnosis at this point....”You will get through this, you will sew or knit soon, you will even eat chocolate without gaining an ounce.”  I lie to myself to get through.

  I got out to the car, with barely a nerve left....and the kids all wanted to go to the Mall to “show Lily all of the pretty trees and lights again.”  I was afraid she might short things out with all of the spitting.  We opted to go home.  Now, we are trying to get Lily to sleep normally again, I suspect until the no-no’s are off, I won’t be getting a whole lot of no-no sleep.

I am trying to get Lily’s doll finished up.....that’s the real reason you are here right?  “Come on, cut to the chase, is the doll finished or not??”  You’ll be the first to see it when it is done, promise!  (and chocolate causes no weight gain!)

Craft Fearlessly and Eat Chocolate!


Thursday, December 10, 2009

Just a Little Hint

Look at what I did on Wednesday to decompress after a very trying day yesterday.  I had started this doll last weekend.  It is my first, but I really didn't have to say that, did I?  You can tell, can't you?  It's okay, I am pretty fearless in my crafting,  I don't get so worked up over dolls who look like chimps....with abnormally long arms. I thought I had cut those patterns out right!!!
You can see off to the left, I am following "Kinder Dolls", it is actually quite good, I am just a bit challenged by reading directions, and then following them.

I have done the hair now......

She's looking a bit jaunty, don't you think?  I did not purposefully sew her head on crooked,....but it is in need of a little dolly chiropractic work.  My inspiration for the hair might very well have been the tangled mess of serger threads, right behind her.   Dear Husband thought she was moving toward dreadlocks....I have always had a fascination with dreadlocks, but that might be another post about tie dyes and dreadlocks. ( I don't have either, but they always seem a  Lily loves playing with dolly hair, so I figured the more the better!!!

More later when I get the clothes made.  I am in a bit of a quandary, now that her arms are so long and her head a bit.....big.  My fellow crafty boy mentioned it might be better to do a shirt with an opening in the back, like velcro or buttons.  Brilliant, Boy!!!

Craft Fearlessly!!

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Surgery Fire Drill.....Take Two

Yep, they cancelled Lily's surgery, at 9 last night.  By the time we loaded up and got some diapers for the road, it was 10PM, and we drove up to our house at 2AM.  UNREAL.  What happened was they had an emergency liver transplant and another emergency surgery and she got bumped from her 2:30PM time.  They said they would get us in, no matter what, by 8 or 9PM.  At 9PM....they sang another tune and said now they couldn't get her in until Midnight or later, and the anesthesiologist was very concerned, since they were essentially going down to three in an emergency appendectomy....and if Lily started her usual acting up and got worse, there wouldn't be a lot of help on deck.

We left in an awful snow storm, went almost 45 mph the whole way home, had to make an emergency stop at Dunkin' Donuts at the way, aren't they suppose to friendly?  This lady at DD had to be the rudest person can you be rude surrounded by that much sugar and coffee???? Anyway, we made it home, with a very confused Lily.  We have told her twice now in six weeks, "You are going to have a big owie surgery," and then, "Oh, the docs have changed their mind."  Six weeks ago, she had a cold the week before, and they cancelled it....and said, "Stay healthy for six weeks," which we did by going into a cave and beating back anyone who dared come near the entrance.  Now, we are scheduled for Dec. 18th......I"ll believe it when I see it.  Lily touched every surface of the hospital while we waited for EIGHT hours, it would be miraculous if she stayed healthy.

Such is life, especially this life.

Today is a mandatory protein day, I'm going to see if dear husband can go bring us home some large game.  Actually, that would probably be several packages of sausage from the store.  We had so many sugary snacks while we waited, and then the treacherous drive home through an awful snow storm.......we need protein!!!!

Thanks so much for your prayers, I"ll keep you updated.  Don't you think this should be a sewing kind of day???


Monday, December 7, 2009

Please Pray

Miss Lily has her second cleft palate surgery tomorrow.  It is nicely co-inciding with Our Lady's Feast of the Immaculate Conception.  Lily's surgery is also running right along with a big snowstorm we are having in the next few days....should be interesting, that three hour drive home.

Please pray for a successful surgery, for great airway and pain control, and safe travel for all.  Lily is so sweet, I hate seeing her go through any pain......she tears up when we talk about having an "owie surgery", heartbreaking! We will get this one done, and then wait for the biggie in March, when they repair her jaw.  After that, we can look forward to maybe getting her trach out sometime early Summer!!

I'll update when I can!

Saturday, December 5, 2009

Happy St. Nicholas Day!!!

Put those shoes out!!! It is St. Nicholas's Feast Day, tomorrow!  Here is a terrific website with all sorts of crafts and fun things to do and read.  I love this website, and have used it for many years.  I have been in a Liturgical slump this year, it seems like everytime we get close to something big Liturgically, Lily is sick or has a big surgery scheduled.  Oh well, such is life and while I don't "do it all", I am trying to do small things with great love, or at least without yelling.  (That's showing great love, right?)

St. Nicholas, Pray For Us!!!

Quilt Contest Update

 While we gave it our all, and we have nothing to regret, (other than our children not eating and our husbands not quite understanding what had overtaken us for the week we sewed like crazy), our quilts did NOT make it to the top ten in the competition.  Take a look at the competition if you have a chance:  Go to the left side bar, and click on the "Quarterly Challenge Vote Here" spot.  You'll see what we were up against......robots.....quilts that looked sort of like bandanas.....turkeys......Hey, no sour grapes here, nope..not one.  Just look for our team in the next challenge.....they haven't seen nothin' yet!!  Right, Sister???