Saturday, July 16, 2011


It isn’t often that I write poetry.  I love it when I do.  It is such a rush to put words together that stand off the page and paint a picture that, when I step back and look, leaves me quiet and thoughtful.  I am not sure if I write good poetry......but I write what I know.

I showed the poem below to Peter, who you will recognize as the little man I was writing about.  He read the poem, started chuckling, and said, “That is about me?”  I looked at him, as he was looking and grinning at the computer screen...with tears in his eyes.  I love poetry.

Fine Day For a Walk

It was a long day in a dark winter
and having enough of gray
we went to the local upscale mall
to soak in 
artificial happiness of the bright lights
and snappy clothes.
You, little determined man,
had a bigger plan that 
Equipped with new orthodics, 
(we called them "helpers" 
for your weak ankles and low tone legs)
you decided it was a fine day 
of gray 
to walk 
Not holding onto anything, 
you marched along
in a glorious parade 
surrounded by your biggest admirers
your older brothers
who determined a long time ago
you were no sick baby.
They circled around you, 
only helping with their cheers
Propelling your tiny body down that
mall corridor as if you owned it
because you did
I held my breath
as I often have
saving it up
to expend my energy on big things
like jumping up and down
as you crossed the finish line of your 
impromptu race
beating both Neil and Lance Armstrong
at two years old.


Monday, July 11, 2011

This sounds like it will be a lot of online crafting channel.....and the DIY DISH girls are going to have their own “show” starting this Fall.  Check it out, Crafty Girls!