Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Poetry Review

Let’s start off with a poetry book review to celebrate my re-entry into the blogging world.

I think Melissa Wiley mentioned “Forest Has a Song" by Amy Ludwig VanDerwater on her blog and I am so grateful that she passed this little gem on to us.

I love poetry, I write poetry, and I really endeavor to weave poetry into the fabric of our family life. Amy’s lovely book with beautiful watercolor illustrations by Robbin Gourley makes this endeavor so easy. I had to write about this book after cozying up on the couch with my two younger littles and reading the entire book in one sitting. My five year old gleefully said, “Oh, Mommy, say that one again, I love it!!” Go to Amazon’s page link to the left sidebar and you can preview some of the poems from the book. I have to say, Lily’s favorite was “Spider” which evoked the demand to re-read and re-read again several times. The author has done a terrific job of capturing the mood of the Forest, its voice....its song! I would love to take this book on a camping trip and read around the fire, before taking a hike, or to kick off nature study walks. Working with watercolor paints would be a fun rabbit trail after seeing the gentle illustrations.

Make sure you check out Amy VanDerwater’s website for some really helpful poetry ideas.

Are you having one of those crazy, loud, is it time for bed yet kind of days? Gather everyone onto the couch and read some poetry to the savages.  I always find that everyone takes a bit to settle their minds and busy bodies and usually miss the first few lines of the poem, while scratching their nose or someone else’s nose.... so I’ll often read the poem a second time to let them “catch up”.   Ask after you read the poem, “What words or phrases do you like, or stand out to you?” We usually spend a few minutes discussing what we like about each poem....It is so nice to hear their thoughtful replies.

There is something about meter and rhythm that both delights and soothes children, and us adults. It makes reading out loud to the kids really fun when I find the book equally satisfying. Make poetry part of your family’s book list!

Stay tuned for more reviews and posts about homeschooling, crafting, and the meanderings of a yarn loving, poetry reading mama of five.

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Hi Everyone! I know this blog has been awfully quiet the last year, but I am getting my blogging mojo back and will be posting some fun stuff soon. Testing, testing.....anyone out there? Look forward to some homeschooling posts, reviews, and poetry soon.

Happy Eastertide and God bless you all!