Thursday, February 9, 2012

“N” is for Nun!!

Heard here today....

Me: “Here is ’N’ which makes the sound Nnnnnn.....”
Lily: “Nnnnnnn.”
Me:   “ Good job, Lily!  Now, here is a picture of a nun, which also starts with ‘Nnnnn’, right?”
Lily:  raising her tiny foot up to my face, grabbing her toe, “Yeah, just like ‘and this little piggie has NONE!’”

Oh Lord, send us some nuns in full habits, please!!!!

Also, heard last weekend.....

“Mommy, I want to wear something like Mary to Mass.”
So, I show her one of my white chapel veils and she was delighted to wear it.  I heard her later in the car telling the guys, “Hey, hand me my glaze.”
She called her chapel veil--glaze. It must have made her feel like she was wearing some of that lemon glaze I put on our scones.....

Lord, send us nuns in full habits, hold the glaze.