Saturday, March 26, 2011


Okay, beloved Butler Bulldogs....did ya’ all hear us yelling and stompin’ up here in the Tundra for ya’????
So excited we get to see our favorite college basketball team next Saturday night in the NCAA Finals!


And I’m just telling you....don’t be calling us on the phone next Saturday night, unless it is after the game to yell with us.

And one more thing.... if you are in Indy,  go over to Butler’s campus to Holcomb Gardens when it gets nice and sunny.  It is so relaxing, beautiful, and FREE!  We use to spend a lot of time in the Spring and Summer walking around the grounds.

Look at these tiny guys!
And this really teeny tiny guy
We spent a lot of time running through here
Okay, who is the young babe holding Petey? 

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Spring, where ARE you???

So we have been a little busy here....thus the quiet blog.  Here are some pictures of the glorious day we had a few days ago.

It was over 50 degrees, and so nice!! you see that snow in the background?  It was almost gone until today, and now we have yet another layer of snow on the ground.  Winters are long on the Tundra.

So, this is what we did indoors.....wash dishes.  Do you know how long a three year old will happily wash all of her play dishes in a pan of water?  All day would be the answer around here.  I love how she has her teeny tiny foot wrapped around the side of the pan, holding it like a monkey.  That would fit as well, since she watches Curious George a few times a day.....every day.....

 I am hoping by Easter, all of the snow is GONE, (yes, we spend most Easters with snow on the ground and our coats on!) and we can all start getting outside more often.  Vitamin D is good for the body...and soul!

More later.....