Wednesday, September 21, 2011

The Fulfillment of All Desire, go get it!

By the way, one fruit of the previously mentioned visit from my friends were the varied spiritual books we shared that we have read recently.  One mentioned was  It is a powerhouse.  Ralph Martin has done a terrific job of guiding us to the saints....and all of their wisdom.  His writing is so approachable.  I highly recommend this book and thanks to Maria for my gift of this book.  I love it!

Little Linen Bags

Just so you know that I still craft, and thus can still claim the word “craft” in my blog title....I am posting pictures of little gift bags I made for my girlfriends that came from my hometown to spend the weekend a few months ago.  I had a lot of fun making these linen drawstring bags that I put sample shampoos, tooth paste, etc....they loved it.  I free motioned embroidered their names on the front of their bag, and then put “My vocation is Love” with a nod to St. Therese, one of our collective favorite saints.  I also made each trim with fabric that had roses in it.  We all love our Little Flower.  I think she truly smiled on us the whole time, it was a blessed weekend.  FIve women spending the entire time together, and everyone got along splendidly.  It was fabulous.  I am so thankful for their friendship and love, and grateful to call them all my friends.