Sunday, May 29, 2011

Scenes from LIfe

Well hello there!  Yes, I haven’t posted forever.  Life has been going at breakneck speed.  We have had lots of developments the last few months.  I might do it in bulletin points.

-Lily had a successful surgery on May 19th, they closed her stoma for good!  It went very well, and she was home the next day without the hole in her neck she has had since she was six days old. 

-Our parish hosted a pharmacists who no longer sells birth control of any kind in his locally owned store.   I was relieved it went so well.

-Back to bulletin point one.....Lily has never been camping, so you will see the pictures below taken from this weekend. Now, we were planning on staying for two nights, possibly three, but between rain and redneck bubbas next to us whopping it up with beer and music that was so loud, my children now all know what AC/DC, Lady Gaga, and various other degenerate music sounds like now.  Wow. So much for the great outdoors.  Do rednecks listen to Lady Gaga?  I didn’t know this.  Guess I learned a few things this weekend, too!

The most important part of our less than 24 hour campout, was seeing:

My boys jump into action and set up camp in less than an hour, two tents up, camp stove out, fire going.....and one of those bubbas had the audacity to stumble into our campsite, with a smirk on his face, wondering if we “camp that much.”  Son, you don’t know who we are, they made “The Incredibles” based on our family’s super powers. 

Lily play and play in a pile of sand.  That doesn’t sound like much, but the girl has never touched the stuff.  Trachs and sand never mix.  Now she can dig and dig all she wants in sand....and she did! Lily loved camping....except sleeping in a tent wasn’t the easiest.  It was “scary” out there.  I agree, listening to blaring music and drunk conversations that went a little like this: “HEY! I remember this from high school!! HEY DUDE, me TOO!!”  Yeah, that was scary.  Good Grief.

The sunset on the lake was beautiful!!!  We walked around the campground that was on a huge lake, and everyone agreed it was a nice time.  

Sitting around a campfire is the BEST!  We all had the nicest time just talking, the boys whittled on some  wood, others read for bit, Lily went from person to person, sitting in their lap and talking....digging some more around the was fun!

 We woke up to a steady, cold rain.  Not fun.  My amazing husband got a FIRE going in the rain, a raging crazy good fire.  His abilities never cease!! I publicly apologize for looking out the tent and exclaiming, “Honey!  What are you doing?? It is raining for Pete’s sake!! You can’t do a fire in the rain!!”  I think the whole campground heard me....oops.  It set the tone for us all to jump up and make do.  We sort of do that experiences are great for that.  I set up the stove and cooked bacon in the rain, and coffee!  The boys helped with the fire and we eventually broke camp after deciding camping in the rain is a bit difficult when you have a fragile, recently post op little girl in tow, and it just ain’t fun to slosh in the rain in and out of tents.  Really.

I am eager to try it again.  I mean that, it was nice to “unplug” for a bit, albeit, a very tiny bit....but next time we’ll camp closer to home.  That will make it all a bit easier. If we can find a quieter camp without the raucous partying, it will much better.  Sun would make a big difference as well. are some pics.

Tents are fun!!

How much can you fill a Suburban? Apparently a little too much for Gabe’s comfort.

So pretty!