Thursday, January 28, 2010

Great Quilt and Fabric..and homeschool Blog

I just found this blog off of another.....and I am so glad!  Randi has a terrific Etsy shop for her fabric, I am so excited to see some terrific prints that are reasonably priced.  She has a few fabrics that are in my favorite color that seems hard to find.....I don’t know what the actual name is for this color, it is blue, but it has a brightness and richness that goes beyond “baby blue” or the such....more like “steel baby blue going cool” kind of thing.  I know you have seen paired with brown a lot.....and red....and orange....

Anyway, here’s Randi’s blog link:

I am contemplating doing the quilt along.  It will wrap up right before Lily’s big jaw distraction surgery.  We’ll see....

Craft fearlessly!


  1. Thank you so much for posting this! My daughter and I are both doing the Quilt-a-long - they will be our first quilts ever!

  2. Oh Good!!!! I’m trying as well, Kimberlee!!!! I am so glad you like the site!