Saturday, May 29, 2010

Another Big Announcement

While one child is actively distracting their jaw.....having another in the hospital with an urgent appendectomy is not so fun.  G decided to have a hot appendix, which they removed earlier today, after spending the night in the ER.


“DanTonTenSix, Nurse-- It’s an appendix!!”  (for your Madeline fans)

I am so thankful he is okay, so, so thankful that he got through surgery just fine, has already walked around the unit, eaten Burger King fries, you know, the usual post-op fair.  We did have a little reaction to IV morphine.....lots of pretty hives all over, all day.....So, good thing his pain is doing okay, because it is only tylenol for him.  Hope it is generic.

Thanks for your prayers, Friends!!  They sustain us!!!  

God is Good, all of the Time!!!


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