Monday, May 24, 2010


Can anyone email me some chocolate?  While you are at it, send me a tall soy decaf latte, okay?

Lips...we are focused on lips, Lily’s lips.  Her bottom lip is apparently numb, from the surgery, and now she is biting her lip.....a, if my lip looked like that, I would need serious pain meds.  I am so sad for my girl, she is going through so much.  I am thankful Lily is so young, and hopefully will not remember this.  I was assured by the nurse that this is usually temporary, and she hasn’t seen anyone where it is permanent.

God’s grace is sufficient, and I do think He uses chocolate as one of His tools, sometimes....



  1. I wish I could; a little Dove dark (that's what's in my budget.)would go a long way, I'm sure. I'm sending prayers up instead, and hang tough, this is really a very brief time in the whole scheme of things. She'll be through it all before you know it.

  2. Hey Ma - visit my blog - I have some virtual chocolate and latte for you. And lots of prayers...

    Give that precious girl a hug - she is always on our minds. Any you too...

  3. Email me your real addy and maybe you would get a little surprise?? I am deadly serious--chocolate and prayer go hand in hand in my book. :)