Tuesday, June 8, 2010

The Last Few Weeks

So, a lot has gone on the last few weeks.  Just one of those things would have been busy enough, but we have compound interest in chaos.  G. is doing great after his appendectomy, which is a blessing, because Lily has had a very rough few weeks.

Here are a some peeks into our days:

Oxycodone staggered with tylenol.....heavy duty for a 24 pound two year old, and it is barely cutting it. If you look very closely, you’ll see the black plunger to a syringe stuck inside the oxycodone bottle.  I dropped it in there at some point. and can not get it out!!  So, because I am completely sleep deprived, I actually had a conversation in my head with myself that went like this--
“Oh my gosh, do you think the plastic from the syringe might leach into the medicine and contaminate Lily with some kind of BPH something or another?”
“Geez, maybe you should get more sleep”
“No, really......I must get that out, it might change something in the medicine if it stays in there, where are those tweezers?? Preferably the ones not used to dig glass out of people’s feet!!”


So, anyway, that brings us to this:

I had another discussion in my head this morning.  I contemplated going back to real, fully leaded caffeinated coffee, given I have had very little sleep lately due to Lily’s pain issues.  I said to my self.....again....”You know, maybe I should fix some coffee with insurance in it”.   INSURANCE.....that is what my tired brain said to myself.....I said insurance instead of caffeine. I am thinking in a weird kind of way, maybe caffeine IS insurance......


Speaking of insurance, this is sanity insurance for mama. I started another quilt, specifically for Lily.  I cut it all out on Memorial Day when I had lots of help around, and have sewn on it early mornings as Lily watches PBS.  I discovered that I can do a large majority of “quilting” in the embroidery hoop, how cool is that??  I can’t wait to show ya’ all.  Happy colors rule here.  The best part is, it all came from my fabric stash.  I didn’t buy anything for it!!  T, you might recognize some colors from your own lovely quilt....that is nice in a sister quilt power kind of way, don’t you think?  

I have become uncomfortably familiar with St. Therese of Lisieux’s phrase, “Jesus must be asleep in my boat, and I will just let Him rest”.  In my many, many prayers for my girl the last few weeks, I didn’t say it so sweetly as Therese did.....I yelled, I cried, I pleaded.....and yet He still is asleep, asking me to have Faith, and then some more Faith.....and more still....stretching me into who I am suppose to be.....surrendering our children at the Foot of the Cross is painful, bittersweet, and painful, and oh.so.hard!!!!!!  In the end, He wins, and in this life of special needs children, I hold on to that with all I have.

And finally, my girl....hamming it up.....sporting her new and improved jaw.

What a brave little girl.  Pray for her, pray for pain relief and a return to sleeping without crying out in pain, and for people not to stare too much when she is out.....she wants nothing more than to play and visit with people, such a social little thing.  Her pain should start to subside pretty soon here, we are only turning one pin now, twice a day, instead of all four, probably for a few more days.  I know as we return out into the world in the weeks to come,  going places other than church and the doctor, strange looks and stand offish behavior from others in public would probably break her heart.  So you better be nice to her.....you’ll have four big brothers and a Papa Bear daddy to answer to!!!!
Thanks, Friends, for you prayers.   

She insisted on getting a shot of her foot.  Probably doesn’t hurt like everything else!!

Oh Good Grief!!!!  When will he say my jaw is big enough????

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  1. I don't know when a post has moved me as much as this one! Still praying for Lily each and every day! And the image of Jesus asleep in the boat is a profound one. I don't know why I can't remember it from St. Therese's writings...But I will remember it from now on.
    Hugs and Prayers!