Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Big Day Times Two!

Lily had a very big day.....no more pins!!!! Her distractors have finally been taken out today!!! This was Pete and Lily before surgery.

They don’t look alike or anything do they?

AND NOW....drumroll...this is soon after waking up, she got dressed pretty quickly, but was very woozy.

Here she is feeling much better this evening.  
Lily has spent the evening dancing, singing, running, playing, and being her almost back to normal, spunky, sassy self.  Deo Gratias!!!!  What a sweet girl.

Then...we got Pete through his MRI under a general, and an ear tube placement.  He did fine, a little sore throat, he is never an easy intubation...but all went well and his terrific news is that his chiari repair from two years ago is looking great per the MRI, and the neurosurgeon released us from his care.  The doctor said that Pete can do pretty much whatever he wants, his risks for injury are less than minor, so that is all a huge relief.  It was sort of a circus getting the two of them off this morning to their respective surgeries, but the news was all good....can’t beat that!!!

Thanks for your prayers!!!


  1. Awww.... they are both SO cute before and after the surgery! But I bet it feels good for Lily and all around her not to have those pins! Thanks for sharing your lives. Continuing to pray for many happy times ahead.

  2. Wonderful, wonderful!!! I am so glad to see the pictures---Lily looks wonderful!! :-)
    God Bless!