Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Please Pray!!

A sweet family we know from back in Indy have a very big crisis on their hands.  Their thirteen year old daughter, who is one of a set of triplets, is critically ill.  Regina is in ICU, on a vent, in septic shock, with some organs having shut down.  She apparently had flu like symptoms that turned very scary, very quickly.   Regina’s family is a large, homeschooling family......very faithful and devout.  Please, pray a Rosary and offer up Mass for this dear family.  I am so sad that they have to go through so much.

Thank you!


  1. Is this the family with dyed veils... Three girls?
    Send an update when you can. Brandi

  2. That is the one, Brandi.....and she is doing MUCH BETTER!! Last I heard yesterday, she is off the vent and slowly eating....and getting a little more "with it" after several days of sedation. Thanks for the prayers! Deo Gratias!!

  3. Thank God!! This is such good news. We have been
    praying like crazy and offering up for her. I can't imagine how frightening this was for them. Praying for continued improvement!!! B