Monday, November 29, 2010

Trach Musings

This week is rather exciting.  It could be the last full week that Lily has her trach.  That sounds so calm in bloggerville.....just to cooly write those words.  In reality, I am jumping up and down, praying out loud, “Oh, Please Lord....please, please, please???!!??” I am not sure how next week will turn out.  She goes in for a bronchoscopy next Wednesday, and then we’ll see how it all shakes out at that point.  If everything looks good on the bronch, then they will put her in ICU, cap her trach overnight, and if that goes well.....they’ll take the trach out the next day.  At that point, she needs to stay another few days possibly to see how she does without her trach.  I am almost out of breath now.....just trying to stay in the moment....knowing that this could downward spiral at any moment.  I could sound all noble and holy here and tell you I want God’s Will...and I really do want that...seriously.  BUT.....I really, really want her trach out.  Next week.  Please God.

PS--I could be buying turtlenecks for her next week!!!! Lily has never worn turtlenecks.....I think a few Christmas ones would be in order to celebrate.

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  1. Please keep us updated. What a beautiful sweetie she is! Praying she gets to wear turtlenecks very soon!!