Friday, February 25, 2011

Just a little artwork for your day!

What I didn’t take a picture of is the artwork Lily did on that pretty blue wall you see in the background.....with that same red crayon...which in a crazy turn of events....was a WASHABLE crayon.  When does that ever happen in my life??  Washable??  It actually came off, the whole 4x4 section of scribbly red crayon.  I even got the old blue pen off as well with that white thingy, the ajax scrubby thingy that takes all stains off, and all layers of skin and paint as well.

I have to say, my three year old has now surpassed my own art skills.  She said the picture next to the sticky note is actually a tiny picture of her.  But then, she told Sam it was of him....I think it looks like a mouse!

Nice way to jump into my Friday....washable crayon.....what a concept!

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