Thursday, August 18, 2011

Heard in My House at 12am.....

In a tree, wondering how to be nocturnal.
Lily has a real hard time going to sleep if she has had a nap during the at nearly Midnight, she is still up, and having a bit of a whiny session in the floor of her bedroom as I am sitting in her chair, trying to conjole her to sleep....Older brother comes in and says, with great compassion “Oh, Lily, what’s the matter??” She blurts out in her best indignant almost four year old whine...”I want to be NOCTURNAL!! I want to stay up all night and sleep all day, but I am TIRED!”  Oh MY.  I asked her if certain animals were possums vs dogs kind of thing...and she got them all correct.  Who is teaching this kid these things????

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