Monday, November 21, 2011

Baby Has a New Dress!

I have finally conquered a dress pattern.....I actually followed a PATTERN!  Now, I realize it is in the miniature, but Lily is thrilled with it, and wants me to “make more!” My gathering wishes to be a bit more even, but this was great practice, and it sounds like I’ll have more practice as Christmas is knocking at the calendar door. I would love to make Lily a bunch of dolly outfits, I think she would be thrilled.  We’ll see how it turns out....we have that thing called “college application deadlines” looming overhead.


  1. Even gathering is pretty easy if you use two rows of basting; if the seam allowance is 5/8", stitch one row at 1/2" and a second row at 3/4". Pull both bobbin threads up together, ditributing the gathering evenly until you've gathered to the desired length, stitch the seam at 5/8", and pull out the 3/4" basting. I don't bother pulling out the basting that is in the seam allowance.

    Hope all is well there. I think we're finished with the application process; just have to wait for the new year and the financial aid part of it. Oh joy.

  2. Too too cute! Annie is going to want some for her doll Zelie - I will have to get going and maybe be done by her birthday in May!!

    Please would you email us what machine you use? Abby's horrid little Singer finally died - and we were thinking maybe Janome if we could stretch to it?