Thursday, July 5, 2012

Sweet Owl

I love all of the new owl themes out there. I really love anything that is “woodsy” like a new line they have at Target for little girls and their bedrooms. So.....I purchased the decals for Lily’s room and she really likes them!

So, with all of that woodsy goodness, I had to whip up an owl pillow. I got the pattern from  The pattern I purchased was for “Lola the Owl” which is sort of funny, because we call our new GPS “Lola”...long story. Here is Lily’s new pillow-

This pattern was well written and turned out well. I am going to make the “bonus” pattern, an owl purse! Lily wants us to have matching purses. How can I turn that down? 

Stay cool! It is crazy hot out there!

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