Monday, May 27, 2013

New Blog

Hi Friends!

I have an introduction to make here. My friend, Camille, is a book artist, calligrapher, and poet along with being a homeschooling mama. She does amazing work. I have encouraged her to share her knowledge and the beautiful work she does with her own blog, and waahhlaahh--here it is! Go give her some bloggy love and check it out. Camille plans on doing some tutorials on how she makes her sweet books, which would integrate nicely into art plans for the entire family. Go Camille! We want more!!

Off to make plans for the week and nurse a rotten head cold. I am hoping to get some homeschooling plans up soon!

Happy Memorial Day!


  1. Thank you for the introduction, Diana! I hope to get some books posted this summer that could be used for nature journals.
    Would love to see your plans for next year, too!

  2. Camille, you are so sweet. I figured it out, you definitely left a comment the first time you came here, but something messed up with one of the kids’ blogs, and they left a comment that was meant for another blog...and I had to delete all of them on this post to get rid of his. There was probably a way to do it otherwise, but I couldn’t figure it out. Sorry, that is all horribly convoluted.
    So glad you are blogging!!