Sunday, October 6, 2013

Detroit trip...

So we took a short three hour trip to Detroit to see my son, who is studying architecture at college. It was his birthday week and we wanted to see him. You can tell everyone was saving their energy for the day!

We picked J up and went to Mass at a beautiful church in Greektown, Old St. Mary’s. It is run by the Redemptorists, and is a must see. I have a very special friend who lives in Louisiana, and she has introduced me to Blessed Seelos. The more we have learned about him, the more we are just amazed at the intersections between our lives and Blessed Seelos. Here is a link to lots of information on this wonderful priest. He was in Detroit for a short amount of time before he traveled to Louisiana, where he died a year later as he tended to those with yellow fever. Fr. Seelos was known for his joyful devotion to his people, he was a true shepherd to his flock. I count him as my newest friend amongst the Communion of Saints.

As I walked into the main church, I was so struck by the church’s beauty. I immediately saw our mutual friend, Blessed Seelos, in the front of the church.

Here’s a few pictures of the inside of the church...

The wood was ornate and hand cut with intricate designs. The main altar was so nice.

I took this with my phone, so they aren’t the best, but it really does need to be seen in person to appreciate how beautiful this church is on the inside. 

Old St. Mary’s also has a few grottos in the back, within the church itself. I have never seen anything like this, a Marian grotto and one for the Sacred Heart. Very nice, Lily loved these. 

These were made to be like caves that you walked through...very European looking. 
Old St Mary’s is a German church, I haven’t seen many like this since we left Indy. It reminded me of Sacred Heart and Old St John’s, both in Indy.

We returned to J’s dorm room,where we slowly heated up home made beef stew I had brought from home, in J’s microwave, and opened presents. It’s fun having a little sister who is ever so helpful in opening those gifts! 

It’s sort of strange seeing my son live and work somewhere other than our home. I am so proud of him, but miss him, as we all do. I am happy things are going well, and look forward to our next visit when he is home for Fall Break. 

Do get to Old St. Mary’s in Detroit if you can, and look of Blessed Seelos, I love his story! 

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  1. Our mutual friend, indeed! I can't believe I didn't post a thank you on here before for posting those pictures.
    Love that church. It's beautiful... I hope to see it some day!