Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Yarn Along!!

Hi Friends!

I’m participating in Ginny’s Yarn Along, where every Wednesday folks link up to her blog and share what they are knitting and reading. I don’t always participate, but it is a fun thing to do!

Yarn Along...Ginny’s blog.

 Here is what I am knitting right now.

This cardigan is for my Lily. She picked out the yarn, Quince & Co Chickadee in sorbet.  This is more than I usually pay for yarn, and I am sort of wondering if it is normal for it to look so fuzzy. Hummm...the jury is still out on this one. Has anyone else noticed this with this yarn?

The pattern is from Ravelry, here is my project page for this so far....I am “malikestoknit” on Ravelry. This project is from Melissa Schaschwary. Here is her blog--  Another Dandi Day  The pattern is the little girl’s “Cricket.” Melissa was so helpful per email when I had a question. I think she does lovely, lovely patterns...check out her blog! She has an adult version of this sweater, “Heather” that I plan on doing one day for myself. 

As far as reading, I am going to try to finish “The End of the Present World and the Mysteries of the Future World,” by Fr. Charles Arminjon. Here is Susan Conroy’s website, the translator from French to English for this book.  You can also see an interview of Susan by Johnette Benkovic at that site. 

Wow....this is an amazing book!! I have always been a bit nervous about the “End Times.” I heard a priest say during a homily, “When Jesus comes, will you be the ones running towards Him, or away from Him?” That had a profound change in my anxiety. Of course, I want to be the one running towards Him!! We have nothing to fear as long as we stay in a state of Grace. 

St Therese of Lisieux, one of my favorite saints, read this book. It was one of her favorites. The quote on the front of the book from her is, “Reading this book was one of the greatest graces of my life.” 
That sold me. 

Great book, great pattern.....go forth!! 

**Humm....Ginny’s site won’t come up, it looks like her server is down or something. I’ll link up later. 


  1. found you at Ginny's and have been reading.... LOVE your last post on HS - I will be back!

    anyway - wanted to say: love the sweater and especially the color. We are venturing into the world of knitting (we are really crocheters) and I am fascinated by what might be possible, when I figure out purling! lol

    thank you for sharing

    1. Hi Karen! I’m glad you came over for a visit! If you crochet, you can definitely knit. I think it is much easier than crocheting because you only have two stitches to memorize. There are SO many YouTube videos out there to show how to knit.
      Thanks for stopping in and knit fearlessly! :)

  2. Lily picked a beautiful color! And thanks for mentioning the book... now I have another book on my must read list!!!! :)