Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Yarn Along...Finally!

 Tell me this picture doesn’t just get you....

Oh my goodness....I have finally gotten my pics up of the sweater. I have said before I wasn’t too hip on the yarn I used...totally fuzzed out even before I had finished the project. While the actual pattern wasn’t too bad, the yarn was disappointing. BUT...Lily LOVES this sweater, she wears it all of the time, so I’m not too upset. I really would prefer to knit the button band along with the pattern, instead of picking up the stitches later. I had a hard time with this puckering up, which was probably more my fault in hastily picking up stitches and not so much the pattern. 

You notice what sweater she threw on for the very first day of Spring like weather in the tundra?? Lily is extremely picky about her clothes, tags, this yarn had to be pretty soft, and in that department, it does not disappoint.  Here are my Ravelry notes. 

As far as reading...I’m making my way through, again, For The Children’s Sake by Susan Schaeffer Macauley. This is a MUST READ for homeschooling moms. It was instrumental in shaping my views on education. When I first started out homeschooling nearly 16 years ago, so many of us read these kinds of books and had great discussions face to face. In the age of FB and texting, it seems like something is lost when we don’t read and discuss how and why we homeschool. Susan’s book focuses on the Charlotte Mason approach to in good literature, no “twaddle” for books, and short lessons. She called it setting out a “feast” for children. 

Go check out more of the Yarn Along friends at Ginny’s place:


  1. Your comment about homeschool moms and FB really hits me. I have a large family, we homeschool, and we live in a relatively isolated area. It's hard not to have people to visit with face to face. I miss it a lot.

    FB stands in for a lot of those in person relationships for me, because I can't easily visit with women at this stage of my life.

  2. I totally understand, Ranee!!! I hope you know I’m not downing those of us on FB....but in my earlier days of homeschooling, before I moved to a different state, I had a lot more face to face contact, focused time of praying and talking with other like minded women. I miss it....a lot.

  3. Darling sweater. I just wrote my own yarn along post on the frustrations of fuzzy yarn, and you bought really super nice yarn! I just ordered some cotton yarn for a summer sweater for my daughter and hoping for a not fuzzy knit!

  4. So precious! I second your recommendation on the book. It is excellent!

  5. To pick up sts along button bands use this equation: 3 for 4, for every 4 rows of knit sts along an knitted edge only pick up 3 sts. So, pick up 3, skip 1, repeat. It really does work. Also, go down a needle or 2 in size to make a neater button band. The sweater is darling!

  6. I am just starting out on my homeschooling journey as I look at the future for my four year old and have embraced Charlotte Mason's ideas for the last few years (which means we will not really be doing kindergarten next year when she's five). I love For the Children's Sake and agree that it should be on every homeschooling mom's must-read list! That perspective on education is so contrary to what most of my other friends think and feel about education and parenting but I am thankful to have been exposed to the ideas early in my parenting! I do miss some of the face to face time living in a rural community but am blessed with a dear friend several years ahead of me in parenting and homeschooling who lives down the road and likes to discuss these same ideas.
    What a sweet sweater, she looks like she is totally in love with it!

  7. Such an adorable little girl. So glad she loves the sweater you made for her. Despite the fuzzy yarn it is quite pretty.

  8. Don't worry. I didn't feel like you were judging. It was just a reminder of something I try to hold in tension. :-)

  9. I understand what you mean about FB vs. face time. I think that some of the new homeschooling moms are really missing an important aspect of the journey.

    I love the progress you are making in your knitting. You are so brave! I've been knitting for nearly 40 years and still can only make blankets and dishcloths. With a scarf or two thrown in for fun. And ahem, I can remember teaching a certain mother how to cast off. How long ago was that??

    God bless you and your family!