Friday, November 6, 2009

My new little friend

  So this is my new friend. I keep trying to coax her to fix breakfast, but all she does is keep making birds!!! Seriously, I have to take a few classes to figure out how to use my Topaz, but expect a few exciting developments on the Crafting a Life scene! I am going to use this embroidery part of the sewing machine to make items like quilts and bags with quotes from the Saints....I'll keep you posted!

I love the fact that as I have learned to sew over the last 1 1/2 yrs, a few of my boys have also started sewing as well.  Wait until you see pictures of 11 year old's quilt.  He is almost done, we are sewing the binding on today.  Of prepared for an Armed Services motif.  No birds. There is a lot of math and spatial thinking involved in quilt making....let alone lessons in patience and persistence.  If you are in a homeschool funk, pick up something new to learn with your kids, it helps!! There is a sense of comradeship when everyone, including Ma, is struggling and learning together.

A big "thank you" to my sweet husband.....I totally forgive you for that birthday a few years ago when you gave me caffeinated coffee, and nuts I couldn't eat....totally.  You are good for a few more decades of gifts, now, Baby!!


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  1. ohhh looks like a lovely machine! you will be on fire now!!!! I love my new machine I got this year and it does so much for me I keep expecting it to lift the presser foot automatically from me!!!!!

    happy sewing!