Saturday, December 5, 2009

Happy St. Nicholas Day!!!

Put those shoes out!!! It is St. Nicholas's Feast Day, tomorrow!  Here is a terrific website with all sorts of crafts and fun things to do and read.  I love this website, and have used it for many years.  I have been in a Liturgical slump this year, it seems like everytime we get close to something big Liturgically, Lily is sick or has a big surgery scheduled.  Oh well, such is life and while I don't "do it all", I am trying to do small things with great love, or at least without yelling.  (That's showing great love, right?)

St. Nicholas, Pray For Us!!!

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  1. "At least without yelling...that's a great line." I'm laughing out loud, really! :) I may use that one sometime! (I'm a bit of a yeller myself) Happy St. Nicholas!