Thursday, December 10, 2009

Just a Little Hint

Look at what I did on Wednesday to decompress after a very trying day yesterday.  I had started this doll last weekend.  It is my first, but I really didn't have to say that, did I?  You can tell, can't you?  It's okay, I am pretty fearless in my crafting,  I don't get so worked up over dolls who look like chimps....with abnormally long arms. I thought I had cut those patterns out right!!!
You can see off to the left, I am following "Kinder Dolls", it is actually quite good, I am just a bit challenged by reading directions, and then following them.

I have done the hair now......

She's looking a bit jaunty, don't you think?  I did not purposefully sew her head on crooked,....but it is in need of a little dolly chiropractic work.  My inspiration for the hair might very well have been the tangled mess of serger threads, right behind her.   Dear Husband thought she was moving toward dreadlocks....I have always had a fascination with dreadlocks, but that might be another post about tie dyes and dreadlocks. ( I don't have either, but they always seem a  Lily loves playing with dolly hair, so I figured the more the better!!!

More later when I get the clothes made.  I am in a bit of a quandary, now that her arms are so long and her head a bit.....big.  My fellow crafty boy mentioned it might be better to do a shirt with an opening in the back, like velcro or buttons.  Brilliant, Boy!!!

Craft Fearlessly!!


  1. LOVE the doll. Maybe you will inspire me to make a rag doll for Anna for next year

  2. I think this is DARLING! Now you've got me wanting to make one for my two year old daughter - this is something she'd love! Now, if only I can find the time...

  3. Adorable! Love her! Now you've got me wanting to go find that book!

  4. That is awesome! I'm sure your daughter will love it - what a cool thing to learn how to make - you've inspired me!

  5. What a lovely, lovely doll. My seven year old loves her...especially her hair! :)

  6. You know, I am really liking her more and more.....if you do try this, make sure you get the doll tubular gauze they talk about on a lot of websites with Waldorf dolls......I know it would be infinitely easier than the cotton knit jersey fabric I used, that was hard to get exact cuts with the pattern pinned rolled up quite a bit. I'll post some suppliers when I get a chance!!
    Thanks, all for your kind comments!!

  7. I followed a link from Marilyn's blog here. Love the doll you're making. I'm trying to make a waldorf type doll for my daughter for Christmas but so far I've got a head with one eye, that's about it. :) I might resort to something a bit simpler for this first attempt :) I love her long arms. I have a sock monkey that my Aunt made for me as a child. I found it before she'd gotten to put the arms on and refused to let her put his arms on. I loved him the way he was. Sometimes what we see as a flaw kids see as a treasure. I still have my sock monkey tucked away, he still has no arms. :)