Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Surgery Fire Drill.....Take Two

Yep, they cancelled Lily's surgery, at 9 last night.  By the time we loaded up and got some diapers for the road, it was 10PM, and we drove up to our house at 2AM.  UNREAL.  What happened was they had an emergency liver transplant and another emergency surgery and she got bumped from her 2:30PM time.  They said they would get us in, no matter what, by 8 or 9PM.  At 9PM....they sang another tune and said now they couldn't get her in until Midnight or later, and the anesthesiologist was very concerned, since they were essentially going down to three in an emergency appendectomy....and if Lily started her usual acting up and got worse, there wouldn't be a lot of help on deck.

We left in an awful snow storm, went almost 45 mph the whole way home, had to make an emergency stop at Dunkin' Donuts at the way, aren't they suppose to friendly?  This lady at DD had to be the rudest person can you be rude surrounded by that much sugar and coffee???? Anyway, we made it home, with a very confused Lily.  We have told her twice now in six weeks, "You are going to have a big owie surgery," and then, "Oh, the docs have changed their mind."  Six weeks ago, she had a cold the week before, and they cancelled it....and said, "Stay healthy for six weeks," which we did by going into a cave and beating back anyone who dared come near the entrance.  Now, we are scheduled for Dec. 18th......I"ll believe it when I see it.  Lily touched every surface of the hospital while we waited for EIGHT hours, it would be miraculous if she stayed healthy.

Such is life, especially this life.

Today is a mandatory protein day, I'm going to see if dear husband can go bring us home some large game.  Actually, that would probably be several packages of sausage from the store.  We had so many sugary snacks while we waited, and then the treacherous drive home through an awful snow storm.......we need protein!!!!

Thanks so much for your prayers, I"ll keep you updated.  Don't you think this should be a sewing kind of day???


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  1. Glad you made it home safely. Sorry about the rude DD woman - not what you wanted after the kind of day you had. We are praying and praying.