Thursday, February 18, 2010


 I have so much gratitude today.....the sun is shining, gleaming off of the snow, like a sparkly show just for us!  My girl is here, setting up her home office at the end of the couch.....the girl has some serious catching up to do of very important work.  Notice the pink sticky note there? 

I am grateful for home monitors, that I can check Lily’s oxygen levels in the middle of the night.....and know they are okay.....I am grateful for insurance, doctors, compassionate good nurses, respiratory therapists who really know their stuff, 24 hour pharmacies, decaf coffee, dark Snicker bars, (I could hug the person that came up with that two fav things....dark chocolate AND Snickers???)
I am grateful for my family....oh, my family.  My husband, who makes princess shoes out of index cards, at his girl’s hospital bedside.....because he knew it would brighten her day.  I know he would walk through fire and glass for his girls, both of us are lucky to call him our own.....for my big boys, who are the most amazing teenagers, ever, ever, ever.  I couldn’t do what I do without them.  You won’t find any more selfless and giving teen age boys anywhere.  AND...for my younger boys....who have hung in there through the chaos, folding clothes, cleaning up, drawing pretty pictures for their little sister, making sure they take their asthma meds through their own pneumonia this week...not whining, (at least not too much) in the midst of the storm.  For my poor mom, who hasn’t seen any of us for almost a year, and comes up to visit, only to be called into action to smooth out the craziness.  Thanks, Mom...I know next time Lily will be her perky self!!

AND....I have so much gratitude for YOU.....for my friends reading this, for prayers, and support.  I felt your prayers as I shook with anxiety at Lily’s bedside, wondering what the next several hours would mean, thank you.  

We have quite a road ahead of us, with her jaw reconstruction coming up soon, and all that it entails.  But for today, I am staying right the sunshine....hugging my girl. 


  1. Oh my goodness she is just SOOOO precious!!

  2. Hey friend - continuing to pray here. You DO have a wonderful family. Enjoy that sunshine - we still are not having any - I cannot wait for the big thaw! Mikey is still doing the sick thing - I told him he does not have to empathize with Lily to such a degree!!

  3. Lily is absolutely beautiful!!!!!