Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Lily is Home!

Here she is.....back on her own couch, after getting the “mandatory as soon as you get home from the hospital bath”.  Lily is rather pre-occupied with a nail or something, that is okay....better than messing with her IV’s at the hospital!  I realize she has Christmas jammies on, but she was so chilled out of the tub, I grabbed the first thing I saw, with purple socks.  We can handle it all when we aren’t trying to color co-ordinate with oxygen and IV’s.

Lily is breathing okay, still a little fast if she moves around......everything wears her out....but her oxygen levels stayed steady for several hours today in the hospital without the extra O2, even through a long nap.  I think she is going to be recovering for a while still, but we are so thankful she is making progress!

I am so, so grateful for your prayers, you all are the best!  There is nothing like a sick baby in the hospital to put a lot of things into perspective.


  1. Precious and heart melting!!! My heart is rejoicing and words don't suffice! I'm so happy to see that adorable little one snugged up on the couch with flashy Christmas jammies and adorable blonde curls.

    Hugs from down south!!

    My prayers continue that her recovery is uncomplicated so her mama can take a breath!

    Thanks be to God!!!

  2. Precious girl! So oblivious to all her cyber aunties worrying and praying for her, so glad she's home!! Okay, Ma, SLEEP!!!


  3. So, so happy to see Lilly home and happy. :-)

  4. Lily looks beautiful and happy to be home. So glad to hear that she's all right!

  5. Yay - so glad to see she is home. What a cutie pie! Prayers continue for Lily and for her mama to be able to REST!