Monday, February 15, 2010

Lily’s Update

Hi Everyone,

Lily continues on in the hospital, on oxygen and IV’s.  They tried to wean down her oxygen late Saturday, but by yesterday afternoon, she was back to breathing harder and having a difficult time keeping her oxygen levels up.  So, they bumped her back up.....and that is where she is now.  The good news is, she smiled today after getting a bath in the bed and getting her hair combed out, (that was the biggest rat’s nest I have ever seen!!), and signed, “Happy!”  Ohhh, isn’t that the best???  She is much more awake, although we haven’t heard one peep out of her voice wise, she is just signing.  I am sure with all of the coughing she did, her poor little vocal cords are very swollen and sore. It takes a lot of respiratory effort for her talk anyway with her trach, so it might be another few days for her to be able to vocalize.

The doctor thinks it still might be a few days before she comes guess is Wednesday at the very earliest, probably Thursday or Friday.  She still isn’t tolerating her g-tube feeds very well, and we are only at half of what she normally gets for the day.

I really appreciate the prayers!  They sustain us.
God Bless!


  1. Precious Precious girl. Kiss those yummy cheeks for me.

    Prayers continue

  2. Sorry that last comment was from me,



  3. Diana and family, we are praying for you all!
    We love you and miss you,
    The Sullivans --- posted as anon, because I am just not smart enough to do otherwise!

  4. Oh! Her picture brings tears to my eyes. You are already suffering your Lent now, my friend. Always, always praying. Blessing that sweet forehead.

  5. duh, I did it too.

    Rachel :)

  6. Oh what a sweet little angel. Please know that we are praying for this precious little one and for all of you.