Wednesday, March 10, 2010

The Beast

I have a new quilt that I am almost done with.....oh, it is a beast!!!!!  It will not behave while I am sewing...and I made a very big mistake.  The thread color that I am using for the quilting is not working....but I am committed to using it now......sigh......I can’t wait to be done with this quilt.  I want to make so many other things....but instead, I feel pretty compelled to just get this done first.  I am like a fickle friend with my crafts.  Pretty colors and textures are like the Sirens.....calling to me to start a big project, whispering to me of grand outcomes.....and then reality sets in, and I am no longer enjoying my “time” to relax. The problem is I am fearless in my crafting, and while I exhort all to be fearless in their crafting pursuits.....I am often not reasonable in said pursuits, and expect to get done waaaaay more than a mama of five with crazy schedules should be taking on.  Sometimes, it is exhilarating and fun to tackle something so seemingly impossible and finish it!  Other times, like now.....and few hot pads would have probably sufficed.

 Look at this attitude.....sitting in MY chair, like it owns the place!!!!

That’s it.  It’s just you and me, know who is going to win, so just give it up.

I’ll keep you updated on the battle.


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