Wednesday, March 10, 2010

What I Am Reading

I have always wanted to read something from Alice Von Hildebrand, so today when I saw, “The Privilege of Being a Woman”, I bought it.  I have only read a few pages, but it is a powerhouse.  WOW!!  I’ll check back in when I am done......has anyone else read it out there??


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  1. I met Dr. Von Hildebrand years ago at UST. I got to sit literally steps away from her at a Lenten talk about the dignity of women, and modesty. She also signed my copy, ahem! But, I was so excited to sit by her... Caoilainn, only a few months old pooped all over me, and herself thereby annexing us to the back corner of the room... figures! But I did get to talk to her at Mass the next day. She is soooo tiny.

    (She encouraged Colleen Hammond to write Dressing with Dignity.)

    A sweet, sweet lady. I only read parts of that book... I did read Letters to a Newlywed. That was good. And I read her husband's book about marriage- which completely changed my life!

    I love them both!

    -Brandi Sullivan of the Sullivan 7. Ha!