Tuesday, March 23, 2010

DME Update

God did answer my prayers.....I now have my own personal advocate at the new DME provider, she is a nurse, and assured me that she will be the one “go-to” person I can call for any issues.  I also have one Customer Service person I can call that knows all of Lily’s needs.....in the few years since we have used this company, they have really improved, and I am not filled with dread now in dealing with them.  The previous company is another story.....to be finished later.....hopefully on a good note.

I write about such issues because this is real life for us.  Having children with special needs means lots and lots of time on the phone and constantly having to stay on top of the medical supplies.  My message to others out there who might be reading.....take heart....the God Who can move mountains, can also move DME providers as well....and insurance companies.....it is a maddening part of the whole special needs world.  I bet when we, God willing, get to Heaven, we will look at our Heavenly crown and see a few extra big jewels there......those will be specifically for dealing with so many suppliers and insurance with our children’s needs.

Go craft today!!


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  1. Glad to hear that you're dealing with more understanding people now. Have fun crafting!