Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Christ is Risen! Indeed, He is Risen!!

Happy Easter Octave, Friends!!

We are nursing some sick kids, one with pneumonia, the same poor guy who had an anaphylaxis Palm Sunday and ended up in the ER after I gave him epi at home....scary.   I usually don’t make big plans for Easter....because our lives are always a “fluid situation”.....up to Saturday afternoon, we still didn’t know where we were going for Mass, and ended up having to stay home because I was at a  Pediatric Urgent Care Clinic for my son.  We did split time the next day, and all who were healthy were able to attend lovely Liturgies.

I’m working on a skirt from a pattern, not sure if I have done it all right, but it has been a great learning experience!  I put in my first zipper!!  Woohoo!! I’m also knitting a new afghan.  It is from a Manos de Uruguay book, but I am using some acrylic yarn that is awesome!  Can’t wait to show this one, it is so fun to knit!! 

What are you working on??  (other than picking up those toys for the hundredth time, cooking, cleaning and laundry??)

I finished The Privilege of Being a Woman.  Go get a copy.  It is wonderful and very easy to get through at a brisk pace.  BUT, there are many passages you will want to re-read and savor.  Basically, Alice Von Hildebrand is refuting the feminist argument.  This is the first book I have read from this author, I will be reading more!!

God Bless you all!



  1. What I am working on-- in the finishing stages of a sweater from knitty.com called Ivy. Next up is one for Laura that she found on someone's blog called Owls. It has a cabled yoke and, with the addition of buttons, the cable pattern looks like a row of owls. Sewing-wise, I just made some banners for church for the Easter season with a lovely "clergy" brocade from Fabric.com. How did I do without the internet for so many years?

  2. Oh, Bernice, I looked up the owl sweater, I LOVE owls, and if it is the same one, cables along yoke...looking like owls, buttons are the eyes...I love it!! I can’t get my link thingy to work, or else I would put it in as a link...
    I am so glad to hear you are working on a lot of nice things!! Fabric.com rocks!!

  3. I'm sure you've found the same one. Laura thought it was irresistably cute and asked me to make it for her. I hope everyone is on the mend in your house. I'm guessing it was G who needed to go to the ER; poor guy, I wish there was some way to alleviate those allergies.

  4. I haven't done much this winter. I did knit a few more washcloths. I am hoping to start finishing some quilt tops. I treated myself to a new book "Toppers: Small Quilts to Accent Any Decor". I'd like to atleast make the Kokopelli appliqued pillow for my mom's birthday at the end of the summer.

  5. Hi Katie!!! So nice to hear from you!! I am laying off any big quilts for the time being.....I need PT on my shoulder after that dislocation I had a few years ago....it is really bothering me if I try to sew too long....bummer. So, I am working on shorter projects.
    And yes, Bernice, it was G, he was a mess. There is hope for his allergies. They are doing research on desensitizing kids to food allergies, and have had a big success with a child that had milk allergies like G., and now, he can eat cheese pizza!!! There is a lot of hope out there on this front. I am hoping for G’s sake, otherwise, I am not sure how he will navigate a lot of things, like college dorm living, given how contact allergic he is to so many things.