Monday, March 22, 2010

I Won

The above is the back, it is sort of scrappy, but I like the colors.
There was never any doubt who would win this battle of fabric, right?   I love the colors!  I am packing this up to send off to a beloved aunt and uncle of my husband’s, they are going through a lot right now health wise....I can’t cook for them, they live several hours away, so I made a quilt.

This next bit of sharing is with great joy.......I have a very nice dresser now.  My sweet husband is a Craig’s List shopper of an elite group...and this is what he found for almost nothing.  With a little love and clean up that one of my son’s helped with, this is a beauty.  I LOVE IT!

Thanks Boys!  The older two boys loaded it up, and one of them polished it up, while Jim replaced one of the drawer’s sides.  It is just beautiful.  I have never had such a pretty dresser.

I am sewing up a few gifts that I will be sharing in the next few weeks.

Craft fearlessly.....and check Craig’s List often!


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