Monday, March 15, 2010

DME Providers

Do you know what DME providers do???  They drive me crazy, that is what they do best.  Wait....I’m hitting my head against the wall....ahhh, that feels better than the hours I have spent dealing with our two DME providers today!!!

DME is “Durable Medical Equipment”.....they are very important companies that provide us with the equipment to take care of Lily, like: her trachs, her suctioning equipment, her g-tube supplies, her g-tube formula.  Why oh why do they have to be so difficult sometimes??  I have spent hours today on the phone with them.....hours.....hours I could have been sewing, knitting, or maybe even DOING SCHOOL......but alas, I  had lovely little conversations with insurance, two DME’s, a manufacturer of trach ties, (who do rock, by the way....if you ever need trach ties, check out,  they do trach ties the right way......but that is a whole other post), and there is still no grand resolution to our issues.

This is when I need to remember my spiritual reading about offering up everything as a prayer, and treating everyone in a charitable manner.  I am, in all seriousness, challenged in those departments.  Sleep deprivation and my Irish roots get the best of me in ( Oh, hold on, wait a minute, I have to talk to one of my DME friends right now....okay, more craziness.....yeah....okay, NOW I might have gotten somewhere), anyway, where was I?  Irish roots?  Is that a rock band?, I am talking about me, and I need to get off THAT particular subject right now and end with a little prayer.

Dear God.......I really don’t mean all of those things I mutter under my breath about DME providers.  Please bless me and them with an infinite amount of patience and peace....and maybe even a little joy in our interactions together.  And, if you can find some Marpac trach ties, covered by my insurance...all the better.
Your very impatient, tired daughter,

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