Wednesday, April 14, 2010

I Am Not Afraid of Messes

At least, rice messes made from my sweet girl, who can’t play in sand due to her I spoil her and she plays in rice.  Shoes make a nice rice strainer, don’t you think?  The best part was when she laid in the rice, and started swimming through it...sending it six feet or more away....into the cracks of our hardwoods.

There have been a LOT of messes we have had to muddle through the last few weeks.  You heard about G’s pneumonia....and then he had ANOTHER reaction that needed epi.  Only it gets really messy.  It was at church.  Right after P’s First Holy Communion. P and G, who are both very allergic to milk, ate “Blessed Bread” distributed after Divine Liturgy was done.  (we go to an Eastern Catholic Divine Liturgy) BUT, the elderly lady who knows about the boys’ severe allergy, forgot, and put milk in the bread.  1/4 cup to be exact.  That was just enough to send us to the ER right after Liturgy was done, with two unhappy  and scared kids, one who just needed an epi shot on the church doorstep.  Unreal.  My poor little guy, P, had a short lived First Communion glow.....please pray for him, this was rather traumatic for him.  All are fine now, which is good, because I got severe bronchitis, laryngitis, and a sinus infection this weekend, and was laid out for the count...of three days....and although I am not quite back in fighting form yet, life moves rather quickly, and I am back running around, take frequent breaks to cough and catch my breath.

Do you see why I do not fear rice messes?  Lots more scary stuff out there than rice.

Over and out from the trenches,



  1. Ok - I am not showing this picture to Mikey. It looks like way too much fun.

    You continue to be an inspiration to me. I am going to read this post when all the things that need doing around the house really irritate me!

  2. Man, Ma! What in the world! Woman! I wish I could just be the kids' bodyguard... following them from place to place, asking allergy laden questions to all well-intentioned food givers! Remember when Beth kissed G and his face swelled because she has a latte or something at Starbucks?! The life you lead. You are an inspriration! And the rice, whoa. I am impressed, but glad you are so relaxed to let her have a little fun. Good Mama! Love, BSullivan
    PS. Thinking of the name, Teresa Shae Marie, and call her Tessie.