Friday, May 14, 2010

Can You Believe This???

You know those two girls over there in my right side bar.....the twins peeking over their logo?  I love them.  I am now, officially, DIY dish’s biggest fan ever.  I want to fly out to Utah just to hug them both.  

I WON THEIR GIVE-A-WAY!!!!!  Last month, their sponsor for that particular episode was ProvoCraft. Provo makes fun crafty things like the Cricut cutter and the round knitting frames. Guess what else they make??  Their new product is the Cricut Cake...and Kim and Kris gave one away on their show.  You just had to comment on their blog....and out of 1700+ comments, mine was randomly picked.  Why am I so excited??  Go look at Provo.....way, way cool!!!   Cricut Cake Information

My very food allergic boys have never, never had a store bought, fancy shmancy decorated cake.  Ever.  No decorated cakes, cupcakes, cookies......and while their suffering has been minimal from this small aspect of having life threatening food has pained me as their mom that they can’t participate in the festivities like everyone else, when there is a big, decorated cake on the table.  OH, the plans I have now, with this nifty machine!!!!! I went to Michael’s yesterday, dancing around the Cricut Cake display, hoping someone, ANYONE, would ask me why I was so excited, and didn’t just assume I was doing a potty dance.....the fun we will have!!!  

Lastly, if you have ever wanted to is your episode.  Kim and Kris have a very easy quilt pattern that they walk through.   Almost at the very can see when they announce me as the winner.  I was filling out paper work in front of the computer while listening to this, and glanced up to see the winner...not expecting whatsoever it was me.....and when I saw my name, I started screaming.  The boys were so flipped out, thinking something awful had happened, because I couldn’t speak intelligibly for a few seconds. It really doesn’t take much to excite the old girl!! 



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