Thursday, May 20, 2010

Lily Update

So, it has been a few weeks since surgery, and this is how she is doing....

Pretty amazing, eh?  Lily still has moments, but for the most part, is doing really well.  I am not sure, with six inches of metal sticking out of my head on both sides, that I would have any smiles.....whatsoever...ever.

We saw Dr. B. today, my favorite plastic surgeon.  Ahhh, Dr. B.....I want to like this guy, and sometimes I really do.....but I was not happy today when he said we would be distracting another few weeks......said, like, “Yep, she has a ways to go yet, we’ll see in a few weeks.”  Yep, just stuck a dagger in your heart, now like it.  Yep, no park and play equipment for you this Summer, now get over it.  Yep, she could get an infection in her bone, so keep that really clean, go forth and deal with it!!” as he smiles. I swear they practice this.  Keep smiling, keep talking louder and faster when the mom’s face drops and tears start to splash around in her eyes.....All I could think was, “Sheesh, I thought he said 6-9 weeks of this....not 13.”  I know, five more weeks than what we were prepared for sounds like a drop in the bucket.  The problem is,  you can’t let her out of your sight.  Lily is dangerously fearless.....and when the surgeon says not to let her fall, because those pins are stuck into a very small piece of her jaw, and could snap and break easily, each fall is a heart stopper.

So, I need to adopt her attitude.

Just keep focused on the little details, like toe nails.....and we’ll all be okay.

Shout out to Marilyn....thanks for the outfit, isn’t it cute???  One big positive today:  Lily discovered twirly skirts.  Oh....that is so, so cute, seeing her swirl around, watching her reflection in the stove, as she swirled and twirled...and I silently said prayers that she wouldn’t fall, and rejoiced out loud how awesome that skirts twirl.

Life goes on.

Love to all,


  1. Oh, it's so nice to see a picture of Lily with her sweet smiling face! What a trooper! You are one amazing mama, Ma. Just keep on keeping on, one day (or hour) at a time, by grace. Praying still. (for some reason your posts aren't showing up in my reader lately so I just found this)

  2. I think what happened was I took it off of having feeds....sorry !

    We are going to get through I washed off her pins tonight, and she was crying and turning blue she was so upset.....I felt like this was another moment of standing at the foot of the Cross.....just awful, but I know in the end, it is going to be okay.....just have to keep getting through each moment.
    Thanks, Kimberlee, I really appreciate your prayers...they sustain us!!

  3. Ah, what a gift to see your dear sweet little Lily and what a smile. Still praying each day for her and all who love her so.