Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Things I have Learned This Past Week

It has been a bumpy ride the last week.....here it is, presented in bullet format, because that is how I am thinking right now......on pain meds....

--Hysterectomies are serious business.  Even if your hotshot surgeon is touting his new and improved one incision in your belly button, “you’ll be a new girl by the end of the week everyone tolerates this so well” kind of stuff.....well, let say, I am certainly a new girl, but not necessarily where I wanted to be after all of this!!

--Ureters, those tiny tubes that carry urine from your kidney to your bladder......they are finicky.  They do NOT like having a stitch around them, blocking all urine flow for any length of time.  ANY time.  In fact, they are so demanding of their proper flow that they will tell you about it, several times a minute, until you end up in an emergency three hour surgery two days after the original hysterectomy.  You got to admire that kind of tenacity.  So, now I have a stent in my precious ureter, and I can tell you that my right kidney is so much happier, and behaving, and hardly needing pain meds now.  Urology follow ups will be in the future.....

--Three hospital stays in five days is not fun.  I mean it.  After I went home from the stent placement, I thought I was done, and NOW I could start recovering.  Instead, by Friday afternoon, I was in big trouble.  Like, I was septic kind of trouble with a kidney and bladder infection that about did me in.  After many IV’s, IV antibiotics, antibiotic reactions, lots of pain meds, and my arms looking like I had been in the losing end of a fight.....I am home after my last four day, three night stay at the hospital.  I hope to stay home for a while, the bathrooms are easier to get in and out, the food is better, and well, I recognize the help around here, too!

--Sisters who come from out of town, driving for hours to get here Sunday, they rock.  I couldn’t have made it through without her help. (and Grandma)  My boys, my husband, and sweet Lily are in good hands.....and they have managed well under so much stress the last week.  Praise God for good kids and a great husband.

--There is a Lily story in here, you knew there would be .......she had her own infection along her pin sites, which Jim took her to the ER as soon as I was out of the emergency surgery...and took care of business, getting her antibiotics and stuff.  Good man.

--My husband is a saint.

The End.

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  1. Your husband is a saint, and he is married to one too!
    I am so glad you are home. I was worried when I hadn't heard back from you! But, I was hopeful you were just home and resting.

    Talked to Lori today. She is praying for you too..

    Anyway, here is something to make you laugh. Recently overheard at my house.
    Husband: You get mad at me a lot.
    wife: I do not.
    H: Yes, and I never get mad at you.
    W: Hmmm, I must be perfect.
    W:holds very big belly and laughs and laughs.

    And I do not get mad at him all the time. What an overstatement! He took it back.

    Love ya. take care, rest up and no more faking illnesses so you can take a much needed break at the hospital!!! :) BJS-- in hotter than hades, Texas