Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Where Women Create

 I had to pass along this link to a wonderful site.

You will be inspired.....check out the blog along the top, the magazine is awesome....I just find it all very inspiring in a crafty creative sort of way.

I’m trying to get my craft on,  I have started knitting a baby girl sweater for one of my husband’s nieces, who is due in November, but I have had to rip it out twice...double ugh....but I think now that I am only on plain Tylenol, maybe I’ll be able to focus better.  I’ll post some pictures later!!

Thanks for your kind words and prayers.....I am improving every day......and learning to slow waaaay down.  I am not sure my body has been at this least not since I started having kids 17 years ago...but I am a slow learner, and God usually has to hit me with something big to make me sit still.....and listen....

What do you think of my newest blog face?  I really like the Shabby Blog girls.....very, very cute stuff over there!

Carry on!


  1. I am so happy you are finally feeling human. I have been praying for you but hadn't had a moment to let you know.

  2. Love the new background to your blog--so pretty and feminine.

    Glad to hear that you are improving. Hang in there!

    Keeping you and the family in my prayers.