Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Look at this Girl--Notice Anything??

Here is Lily, showing off her cap on her trach.....this forces her to breath through her mouth and nose, just like everyone else.  I say she is tolerating it quite well.

Her other talents are crossing her eyes whenever she feels like it.

Her Fearsome Scary Skills--watch it!!

Oh Brother, it is nearly a burden to be this cute!!
Check out the rosy cheeks and lips with her trach blocked.....very cool.

She is quite the character.  We are thrilled that capping is going so well.  If she continues to breath well while capped,  we should be going into the hospital soon to get this trach out. Deo Gratias!

Thanks for your prayers, we are most appreciative!


  1. Oh my goodness, she's absolutely adorable!!!!!

  2. What a sweetheart!!

    My prayers are with all of you!

  3. Wow she looks great! Prayers as always --God bless!