Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Food Allergies

Oh, these videos offer a glimpse into our life......most everyone thinks that having a little with a trach is our big deal.  It is....but we have just as big of a deal with food allergies.

Pray for a cure!!!  This is so difficult, but there is so much hope that one day my kids can leave the home without worrying.....worrying about touching milk in a pew in church that dripped out of a baby bottle, which could cause my kids’ face to swell if they touch it and then their face......worrying about touching grocery carts that may have dairy or peanuts on them......afraid to play at playgrounds if there are others eating there.....asking me a zillion times if “this food is okay”........even though I have checked the label, a zillion times.

I don’t ask for pity.....just understanding that food allergies can really be that bad.....and we need a cure.

The End.


  1. Thank you for these - 3/5 of my kids have food allergies. I get it!

  2. Laura made her first trip to the er for an allergic reaction on her birthday after eating a dessert from the dining hall that looked innocent, but had peanuts in it. I really wish you could count on food service to label items with common food allergens in them. It's hard to go through life being wary of everything.

  3. Amen, Bernice.
    That must have been really scary for Laura!!! (and you, getting the phone call) When G was interviewed on a local radio show last year during Food Allergy Awareness week, the lady asked him, “What would you tell other kids with food allergies?” One thing he said was, “Be aware of your surroundings, watch where you walk”.....Watch where you walk?? We howled at home when we heard the recording of this...but then, once we thought about it, he is many times, when you are out in a parking lot, or park, etc.....there are remnants of food. It then struck me that he wasn’t really kidding, that is how he goes through life....afraid he might get something on his shoes that could make him react. Not all kids are as sensitive as him....but it is HIS reality. Not an easy reality.