Sunday, December 12, 2010

Nine Year Update

So, for eight out of the last nine years, we have had a child with a tracheostomy.  There have been 28 surgeries in our family the last nine years, ten of those surgeries were in the past fifteen months.  Jim and I have not been out on a date, alone, in over three years. Dining in the hospital cafeteria while one of our young ones was in surgery does NOT count for a date. Seriously.

It is without further ado I announce that my husband and I went out last night to a great restaurant, just the two of us....alone. On the way into the restaurant, with its festive lights, Christmas parties, and lots of expensive cars in the packed parking lot, (didn’t see too many other 11 year old Suburbans in the lot) I mentioned to Jim that no one, not one person there, knew they were in the presence of rock heros.....Mr. and Mrs. Incredible.  I felt like we should show up to accept our award, our special needs Grammy, cashing in our filled punch card for free dessert, or wear a sign saying, “We rock....we have just been through the toughest battle, and we won.”

Lest you think I have an even bigger ego than the last time you checked, let me say that I am really a stubborn old girl for whom God has chosen to use my donkey ways to do His Will.....all Glory to Him. Even donkeys finish the race sometimes, with their Master pushing them along.  I just felt like taking my little donkey victory lap around that my Mrs. Incredible outfit, holding my Grammy.


Here is the girl who really deserves a big standing ovation.  Go ahead and give it up for my girl. Way to go, Lily, you brave girl!!!

Yes, that is a white Christmas tree you see behind Lily.  I really, really wanted one.  After Jim left the hospital on Wednesday, drove nearly three hours, and arrived back home, exhausted, he got the boys and went to EIGHT different places to find a white tree.  What a guy!!  He bought the floor model. They packed it up, ornaments and all, and Jim took it home to surprise me when I got back home the next night. It looks so pretty from the street.

I prayed today for all of you who have carried us in prayer these last few months.  Thank you, and may God bless you for your kindness and generosity.

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  1. Hey Mrs. Incredible! So glad you got your victory lap! You are incredible!!!
    You all remain in our prayers.

    God bless,