Sunday, December 12, 2010

On this wonderful Feast of Our Lady of Guadalupe, I give you a picture of tiny girl, in her big bed.  Notice there are no machines, no monitors, no tubes.....just tiny tired girl.  
Thank you, Our Lady!!

I want to show you some Lily Extreme Room Makeover before and afters from this week.

Here is a photo of what Lily’s room looked like pretty much like all last week...and the week was so cramped with a twin bed, a crib, a rocker, bedside table, and changing table.  I came home Thursday and cleaned like crazy.


After several hours of working and teen boys helping with is the “Ta-Da”!

Now, I need to get some pretty things up on the wall.  When Lily walked into her “new” room Friday evening, she was ecstatic.  There is actually room to play now, she has toys in her room, not a bunch of medical equipment.  What fun!!


  1. Precious girl! Great room makeover! Glad you enjoyed your date - you and Jim deserve every award going.

  2. So Sweet!!! And very nice room :-) It just feels so nice when it's clutter free doesn't it?

  3. Wow! What a room makeover!

    She looks like nothing ever happened to her.. Just, you know, catching a few zzz after three long years of surgeries, trachs... eh, no big deal. Wake me when my breakfast is ready!!

    Oh, and the other post about the last nine years. That one, made me cry tears of joy for you both! I am sad to say that reaching back into my not-so going to heaven path-- I could only hear Queen in my mind as I read your words. "We are the champions! Yes, we are the champions of the world!"

    Congratulations to you all -- Love, The Sullivans

  4. Big Queen fan here, B.....I get, I feel guilty every time I hear one of their songs on the radio or walking through the store or something....why do I love their stuff so much?? Fortunately, I haven’t downloaded any to my iPod.
    Thanks for all of your are one of our biggest, long-time prayer pit crew here! (wha, now NASCAR?)

  5. Ooooh!!! Love the room makeover! Doesn't it feel grand to have that done...and have that precious wee girl enjoying her spaces...SANS medical equipment! It looks both pretty and practical, friend! LOVE IT!!!