Sunday, December 19, 2010

Some Knitting Done!!

I love to knit for babies....and it always brings me great joy to do so, new life, something to always celebrate!!  I have to share though...this sweater, so sweet, so pink, so innocent sitting there on my ironing a beast.  Don’t be fooled by her “oh, I am just all cute and sugar” look....don’t fall for it!!!  Maybe I think too highly of my knitting skills, maybe it was starting this project under the influence of heavy duty pain meds post two surgeries.....maybe the pattern is really written as badly as what I think it is...but all I can say now is thank goodness it is on its way to Oregon to a new baby in the family. I really love how it looks, and can’t wait to see that precious baby in it.
And the next sweater will be a knit from the neck down, one piece, ala Elizabeth Zimmerman, no seams, no crazy stuff....but the one after that...who knows! is another little ditty I finished in just few days...

Wait a minute....that looks more like Lily’s tongue than my little whale hat.  Not ten minutes later.....I caught up with whale hat on sleeping girl on couch who was just yelling, “Go Colts” just a little while ago.

She really was sleeping with that little pouty lip out....too cute.  I think because Lily has not been an oral feeder, she still “sucks” in her sleep like a newborn.  She just started doing that after her jaw repair, almost like, “Hey, this is a developmental stage I missed, time to go back and do it now” kind of thing.
Oh...back to the whale hat.... The whale hat was picked out by Lily, I bought a book with all sorts of animal hats to knit for kids, thinking I was going to do a bunny hat for her, but she insisted on the whale hat.  Now, this particular whale has no eyes, yet.  I’ll get to them.  Notice the little bit of ocean spray coming from the blow hole on top.  The white curvy line along the brim is suppose to be a smile.  At least it is a nice whale....

More later!

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  1. That lip is way too cute!! The hat is so cool too!

    Hope you all enjoy a "trach free" Christmas!