Sunday, April 3, 2011

Day Three

 I just have started working in an “altered” board book.  Basically, you take a children’s board book and do all sorts of fun stuff to it.  After you prepare the pages with a primer called “gesso” and place masking tape in the middle seam,  you can paint and do all sorts of fun things.  If you google, “altered board books” and mixed media, there is a whole world out there of videos and such.  I plan on playing around with color and collages in this book...I’ll keep you updated.  

I just heard this quote a few weeks ago.  It really resonates with your happiness truly starts to dwindle away as you compare yourself to others.  I have done this so much, and know deep down it can be a symptom of ingratitude to God for all that I really do have.......this is why I started my book off with this, to remind me....I need it.
I won’t be posting so much as the weeks get closer to Lent....more quiet contemplation away from the computer.

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  1. I just love all you is so inspirational. I may have to put down the knitting needles and try my hand at an altered board book.
    Joann (tenkidsandadog)