Sunday, April 3, 2011

Day Two....

I have a few places I am doing my art, is what you see below.  It is a mixed media notebook that I got at Michael’s and I love it.

The other little fun I am having is with repurposed pieces of cardboard from Lily’s diaper boxes.  I think that is so funny!  I plan on doing several a week, and then at the end of the month, punching a hole through them and putting them together with a metal ring thingy.   That is how I did the the last image from yesterday.

Here is another one made on the repurposed cardboard.

And so now you are thinking, “Geez, Ma, maybe you should stick with yarn....seriously.”

Hey, let’s see what YOU can make out of recycled diaper boxes!!

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  1. I really like those! When Aidan was in the hospital I did lots of calligraphy and art while he was asleep, using Child Life supplies. Great stressbuster, but probably knitting is too (I don't know how to do that....)